Cancel/Delete a Job

If a job has already mailed (status says "Ready to Mail" or "Mailed"), it cannot be stopped, canceled, or modified.

If your job is in any status prior to the "Ready to Mail" status, you still have a little time to delete it, but you'll need to move quick.  To stop a job from being mailed out, simply login to your LetterStream account and click the blue "Edit" link to the far right of the mailing in question.  You'll see one of two options:

Delete Job - If there is an option that says "Delete Job", the job can be deleted without incurring any fees.  When the job is deleted, 100% of the funds will be added to your LetterStream account as a credit.  If you prefer that the funds are refunded please send us an email and we'd be happy to take care of that for you (providing us with the Job ID(s) will help our team identify the funds that need to be returned).

Stop and Shred Job -  If there is an option that says "Stop and Shred Job" the job can still be canceled, however, cancellation fees will apply.  Once these jobs are canceled, the remaining funds will be added to your LetterStream account as a credit (but can be refunded upon request).

If neither of the options listed above are available, that means the mailing has been processed through our production facility and combined with thousands of other letters and handed over to the USPS for delivery, therefore it cannot be canceled.

There may also be a "hold job" option that, if still available, will stop the mailing from going to the next phase of production giving you the opportunity to review the mailing and determine if it does in fact need to be canceled or modified.   If a job that is placed on hold doesn't need to be canceled, simply click EDIT, then Resume job and we will continue to work on it from there.

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