Delete Job

Need to stop a mailing from going out?

To cancel a job from going out, simply login to your LetterStream account and you will see a list of your jobs. To the right of the job, click on the EDIT button for the job(s) that you want to cancel.  Keep in mind that jobs which have been mailed cannot be cancelled or stopped.

You will see a few different options within this list.  Click the option that either says Delete Job or Stop and Shred Job.  If it says "Delete", you can delete your job without incurring any fees.  If it says "stop and shred job" that means that you can still cancel your job, but we will have to apply cancellation fees in order to do so.  If neither of these options appears, that means your job has passed through our production facility and cannot be canceled.

You can also choose the option that says "hold job" if it is still available.  This option stops your mailing from going to the next phase and gives you some more time to review your mailing and determine if you actually do need to cancel it or not.  If you determine that you don't need to stop it, simply click EDIT and then Resume job and we will continue to work on it as is.

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