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This article goes over our refund policy, and provides information regarding instances that may be eligible for a refund, and which may not be.

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LetterStream Refund Policy

Once a mailing has been paid for you still have a short window of time to cancel it before it gets mailed, but our printing and mailing facilities are robust and are nearly fully automated, so you'll need to move fast in order to avoid cancelation fees.

If a job is stopped before we start working on it, there will be no cancellation fees, and 100% of the funds will be automatically credited back to your account and will be available for immediate use.  If we have started to work on the job, however, there will be cancelation fees, so a portion of your funds will be retained by us, while the rest will be returned to your account as a credit.

In either instance, if you'd prefer that we provide you with a refund of the remaining funds that were added back to your account as a credit, we'd be more than happy to do so.  Simply send us an email and our team of experts will provide a refund back to the credit card used for the purchase in the amount of your remaining funds.

Refunds for Undelivered Letters

Once a job has been handed over to the USPS  (mailing status within LetterStream says " Ready to Mail" or "Mailed"), your mailing has been combined with thousands of other letters. From this point, it can no longer be stopped.

While we do guarantee our side of this process, we are unable to guarantee the delivery side. Therefore, we're unable to provide refunds or account credits for any USPS delivery issues (including undelivered letters). For more information on USPS Processing and Delivery Issues, Click here. To learn more about sending Certified mail through LetterStream click here.

For information on how to stop, cancel, or delete a mailing before it gets mailed, click here.

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