Removing Coversheets

Our system automatically generates a coversheet for your mailing if it detects that one is required.  The coversheet is what we call the page that includes your return address, the recipient addresses, and certified mail tracking number and barcode (if sending as certified mail).

You can remove the coversheet from a mailing as long as there is enough empty space on your document for the address to fit with enough space around them so other information on your document doesn't interfere with the scanning equipment that the USPS uses to identify the addresses.

Considering the price of a coversheet is $.12 per recipient, if you're only sending a handful of letters it may not make sense for you to re-format you document, but if you are sending enough letters that this turns into a significant fee then it makes sense to save that money if you can.  

You can use the PreFlight tool within your LetterStream account to provide a reference on how your document needs to be formatted in order to bypass the coversheet.

Option 1 - Use our preflight tool to format your document so addresses are located exactly where we need them.

Option 2 - Use our Window Letter job type and fit your letter to the bottom 2/3rds of the sheet (assumes that each recipient gets identical documents)

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