Windowless Envelopes Temporarily Unavailable

As of March 23, 2020, we have temporarily suspended the use of our windowless envelopes (previously referred to as Express Letters). Please be aware that our windowed envelopes are a fantastic replacement option!

For the most part, the only difference between the two envelope types is the cosmetic appearance of the envelope.  Your documents will go into a windowed envelope with addresses printed on a sheet of paper that we add to your mailing which we refer to as a coversheet.

Is the Windowed Envelope more expensive? It was, only if you needed a coversheet.  However, we have since reduced the price of a coversheet by 2 cents.  If you format your document so a coversheet is not needed, you'll save even more!

Will my mail get opened? We don't see any reason or evidence to suggest that a windowless envelope has any better open rates than a windowed envelope.

What about Envelope Endorsements? There is an "extra line" available for text immediately below your return address that can be used for a special message to your recipients.

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