Windowless Envelopes Temporarily Unavailable

As of March 23, 2020, we have temporarily suspended the use of our windowless envelopes (previously referred to as Express Letters). Please be aware that our Windowed Letter (1st class) is a great replacement option.  The Windowed letter is created on the LetterStream website nearly the exact same way as the Express Letter.

We know many of you count on the Express Letter to get your important messages out, but we believe the Windowed Letter is just as beneficial to convey the urgency of your message.  For the most part, the only difference between the two job types is in the cosmetic appearance of the envelope.  While the Express Letter goes in a windowless envelope with addresses (recipient and return) printed on the envelope, the Windowed Letter (1st class) letter goes into a windowed envelope with addresses printed on a sheet of paper that we call a coversheet.

Why is the Express Letter unavailable?  We are removing the Express Letter option because the amount of staff interaction required to get Express Letters through our facility makes it difficult to maintain proper social distancing and because we believe we have a proper substitute solution.

Isn't the Windowed Letter expensive? It was, only if you needed a coversheet.  However, since we are requiring customers to use this job type, we have reduced the price of a coversheet by 2 cents to make the Window Letter option the same price.  If you format your document so a coversheet is not needed, you'll save even more.

What about my jobs in process? All Express Letters currently in our facility will go out as usual, even the ones that might be scheduled for a future date.

When can I use Express Letters again? It is really hard to say. Our primary focus is on getting your important messages out the door and on the way to your recipients. When we as a nation have a better handle on the situation caused by the coronavirus, we should be able to start bringing Express Letters back.

Will my mail get opened? We don't see any reason or evidence to suggest that an Express Letter has any better open rates than a Windowed Letter.

Will my letter go out just as quickly as it has been? We know that the Windowed Letter moves through our factories more quickly, so all things remaining the same, your letters should go out just as quickly. Keep in mind, we are making these changes to compensate for various forces and factors that are occurring as a result of the coronavirus. Everything is subject to change.

Can't I just pay an extra charge and keep my Express Letter job types? That sounds nice, and we struggled with this concept, but we don't want to do anything that looks even remotely like price gouging. To raise prices on our customers during a challenging time no matter what the reason seems insensitive. And our company policy since the beginning has been not to raise prices (except to pass along USPS rate changes). So, it seems like the most appropriate response is to push everyone into the windowed envelope option.

What about Endorsements? Unfortunately, the big endorsement printing that is available on the Express Letter does not exist with the Windowed Letter.
There is an "extra line" available for text immediately below your return address.

Our primary goal is to get your critical mail sent on a timely basis. You can count on us to do everything within our power to keep your messages flowing out. We will continue to be proactive in our approach even as local, state and the federal government react in different ways to control the pandemic.

Please keep practice social distancing and following all CDC recommendations.

If you have any questions, please view our online help and videos, or send us a quick email. Thank you and stay safe.

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