Pink Highlighted International Addresses

When you get to the "Job/Recipient List Review" screen, you might come across a single (or many) pink highlighted address.  This is a way our system tries to show you which addresses might need to be looked at a little closer.

A pink address means that the address is either a domestic US address that is incomplete or not properly formatted or the address(es) is an international address.

You can delete the "pink" addresses from your mailing, or you can continue and leave them in the mailing.  Keep in mind that our system is going to charge extra postage for any pink addresses that are left in the job.  The fees can be reviewed on the invoice for that mailing prior to approval.

Some things that may cause us to flag your address as international includes:

- A zip code with less than 5 digits.

- A state name of "MX".

- A state name that is different than 2 alpha characters.

- A missing state.

- A state abbreviation that does not match conventional state abbreviations.

- A state name that is spelled out.

- A Country that does not start with "US".  (Country is not required)

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