Disabling Your LetterStream Account

Oh no!  We're sorry to see that you're thinking about closing your LetterStream account.  Remember, you can keep your account and login to send mail or review past mailings anytime you'd like - it won't cost you a thing to keep your account.  

If you still need to disable your account, the account owner (the person who originally created the LetterStream account), is the only user who has the ability to do so.

For the account owner, this can be accomplished by following these steps:

1.  Log into your LetterStream account

2.  Hover over My Account and click on Account Settings

3.  Locate the Delete My Account section

Please read the information very carefully to ensure this is the right option for you, as it cannot be reversed.

If you want to keep your account but simply want to purge your documents from your account then the Purge My Documents option would be a better option for you, which is located just above the Delete My Account option.

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