Best Practices


Here is a list of best practices when using our services. These best practices aren't currently required, but we highly encourage our customer to implement these best practices into their LetterStream processes.

Our support team is comprised of not only amazing human beings, but also LetterStream experts! However, due to our very tight security practices they are limited as to what information they are able to share (such as account information, login details, and mailing information), and these best practices will empower you to avoid some easy obstacles that could arise otherwise, and prevent you from having to reach out in instances where our team might be limited in how we can assist.

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Multiple Users

You are only required to include a single user within your account; however, we encourage companies/organizations to include multiple users within account and ideally, more than one Administrator user (if you aren't sure what an Administrator user is yet, click here to learn more).

Having more than one use within your account ensures that the account can be accessed by more than one person within your organization. If the sole user is on vacation and not accessible, the other user(s) can login and accomplish tasks.

Login Sharing

We don't recommend sharing login credentials for many reasons. If you see it fit for multiple people to have access their account, they should each have their own login. Their access level and permissions can be specified on the Manage Users page, giving them full control of what they need, and limitations on what they don't.

Faster Support

If you would like to reach out to our team you can do so through our Help tool! To ensure a speedy reply be sure to provide as much information as possible such as your LetterStream Job ID along with any information that would be helpful for our team, including any error codes or notes our website is providing.

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