Rush or Expedite Your Mailing

You have the option to pay for faster processing for your order if you want it to be sure that your mailing is moved to the front of our production queue.  

Keep in mind that these options do not have an impact on the delivery timeframe (that part of the process is controlled by the USPS), it only impacts our internal processing (printing and inserting) of your mailings.

Processing Options: There are three processing options in total:

Normal Processing - Will mail within 2 business days or faster (all jobs will have this option by default)
Expedite Processing - Will mail within 1 business day or faster
Rush Processing - Will mail same day (cutoff to select this option is 3pm Arizona time)

The fastest way to see the cost of each processing option is by selecting each option in the shopping cart - doing this will show you the total price, based on the option that is selected.  To understand the formula we use to charge for these options, simply click here.  

NOTE:  You can also use our FedEx Overnight option, which includes internal rush fees and FedEx overnight delivery.

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