FedEx Delivery Options

We have 2 different FedEx options.  An overnight option, and a 3-day option.  (Keep in mind that all of our FedEx options are reserved for businesses only, they are not currently available for individual use).

We monitor the FedEx products pretty closely in an attempt to reduce situations where they are being used to send out spammy or fraudulent mail.  In order to send FedEx through our website, we will first need to do a quick qualification.  Feel free to reach out regarding the FedEx options, should you want to use them.

Furthermore, regarding the FedEx options, we will send your document(s) via FedEx overnight, or 3-day, and give you access to the tracking information within your LetterStream account.  

Keep in mind, we need these to be approved and paid for by 3 pm Arizona time for them to be mailed the same day.  If they are approved after that we may not be able to mail them out until the following business day.

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