Bill-To References

When you create a new job you will be able to add a new or select an existing Bill-To reference on the Create New Job screen. You can also use the Bill-To Label Manager to manage your Bill-To references by hovering over My Account and then clicking the Billing Information option.

Here you are able to add new Bill-To references or remove old ones.  In the event that you simply need to re-name a Bill-To reference, you can simply delete the one that needs to be re-named and then add the new one.  This will not have a negative impact on the past jobs in that the deleted Bill-To reference was used.  It will still show the deleted Bill-To reference name on those invoices.

The Bill-To Reference will print on the invoice for your reference and is a grouping option on the Activity Reports page as well.

Additionally, if you have multiple Bill-To labels to add, the easiest way is to use the Bill-To Label Manager option which allows you to quickly add/delete your Bill-To labels.

For more information, watch this short video about extra options.

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