Word Merge Mailings & Collating Documents

Our website doesn't currently allow you to complete mail merges directly on our platform, but we can print and send your mail merge mailings. In short, the mail merge needs to be completed within Microsoft Word and then your PDF can be uploaded for us to print and mail it out.

Sometimes you want to add an insert to an existing job that has merged/personalized data on the pages.

This is simple to do on our website, but a bit harder and more risky on your side.

This assumes that you have already created a mailing on our website and the mailing you have created already has addresses in it.  Then you are wanting to add an additional document with variable or merge data that goes to the recipients.

First, you need a single pdf document with all your merged documents.  Additionally, the order of the pages in the pdf document must match the order the order of the recipients in the job you just loaded.

Then you can load the document as an additional insert and click the "collate" check box.

The "collate" check box is available when you load (add) a document (insert) during the job making process.  On this pop-up window you can choose the paper type and the ink color and click the collate button.

To get to the "collate" button after a job has been created, simply click on the little yellow pencil which appears below the thumbnail image on the Review Inserts page.  Clicking the pencil will pop-up the insert details window for you to edit details including clicking the collate check box.

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