Certified Mail Being Returned But Not Attempted

Sometimes when viewing your Certified Mail tracking information you may see that some of your letters are being redirected to your address instead of the recipient's address.

The most common occurrence is that the letter was going to the recipient address but then was rerouted back to you because the letter could not be delivered due to incorrect addressing or no one was around to receive or pick up the letter.

However, we also see situations where the letter went directly to the return/sender's address and skipped the original destination address. We can't really tell what is going on until the letter gets returned to you.  When you have the letter in hand, we can tell what might be happening.

For instance, if the barcode sprayed on the bottom of the envelope by the USPS matches your address, then the USPS may have processed it incorrectly.  On the other hand, if there is a yellow label on the front of the envelope it may tell you that the original address could not be delivered to so the piece was rerouted to you.  So when you see a Certified letter being rerouted to you, the best action plan might be to wait and see why it is being returned so you can take the best action to get your message delivered.

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