Pending Job Emails

What is a pending job email, and why do I keep receiving them?
If you load a job into our website but don't approve or delete it, we will send you a few reminder emails.  These emails, titled "Job Pending" might get a little annoying after a while, if so, we are so sorry.  However, we really want to make sure that you never forget to get a mailing completed on time.

At this time there isn't a way for you to disable these emails. Which, we know, doesn't sound like us because we are always striving to give customers the features that they want.  However, this is a rather important notice. From our perspective, when a customer (you in this case) creates a mailing, we think it needs to go into the mail.  Interruptions, delays, and distractions happen and we really don't want you to forget that you were almost ready to get your mailing out the door.  Therefore, we remind users of their jobs until they approved the job or delete the job.

Here are some steps you can take immediately to stop getting the pending emails.

1. Approve and pay for your job. Again, these critical messages are designed to remind you that we are not working on your mailing.  We cannot process a job until it has been approved and paid for.

2. Call us for assistance.  In the event that you need some help finalizing your mailing, please give us a call.  We can generally help you get your mailing project back on track so you can get it approved and paid for.

3. Tolerate the Job Pending emails a bit longer.  It might be that you are waiting on someone in your office to get back from vacation so you can get their credit card, or maybe you are waiting for someone to review and approve the proofs. In this case, we'd recommend that you tolerate the pending emails just a bit longer.

4. Schedule your mailing for the mailing date you want.  Some customers who want a mailing to go out in the distant future decide to wait to pay for the job until closer to their desired mailing date.  If you are in this camp, it seems like the Pending email would be greatly appreciated.  We do however, have a better way to handle this.  Search our help for scheduling jobs for a very clever solution.

5. Delete the job.  We'd hate for you to delete a perfect good mailing project simply because our Pending emails bug you, but, you have that right and you have that ability.  We do recommend that you delete any testing or experimental jobs that you don't plan on mailing. Search our help for deleting a job.

Again, we are sorry for sending out these sometimes annoying emails.  Hopefully you've come to understand that they really are a critical part of our service.

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