LetterStream Pricing

*Price includes 1 sheet of paper, printed in black ink on one side.

First-Class Letter
= $1.00*

Certified Mail without Return Receipt
= $6.50*

Certified Mail with Return Receipt
= $8.20*

Extra sheets
= $.12 each

Back side printing
= $.06

Color printing
= $.20 more than black and white per side

Additional fees will be applied for extra ounces, paper upgrades, international postage, return envelopes, hand applied stamps, and other items. 

We do not currently charge any signup or membership fees.

A fast way to determine your exact price for a mailing is to simply start building your mailing on our website.  You'll get detailed pricing, you'll learn about all the other options and choices you have and you'll learn how to make a more impressive mailing or how to cut the costs and get something done fast.

If you have trouble getting started, you can email or call us about what product is best for your purposes, or search for "Job Types" in our help pages.

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