Where is your price list?

Our prices are easily found online, but we don't publish a detailed price list for many different reasons.

Mainly, there are countless options to creating a mailing and a price list requires you to "build" your job in your head and find all the related prices on our 6 page price sheet.

A much faster way to determine a price for your exact mailing is to simply start building your mailing on our website.  You'll get detailed pricing, you'll learn about all the other options and choices you have and you'll learn how to make a more impressive mailing or how to cut the costs and get something done fast.

If you have trouble getting started, you can email or call us about what job type is best for your purposes, or search for Job Types in our help pages.

Another reason that we don't publish prices is because we offer discounts for mailer who send over 50 FedEx letters per month, or over 500 Certified Letters per month, or over 5,000 First-class letters per month.

If you want to get pricing on a certain type of mailing, please feel free to call our Sales department at  1-888-501-5288 option 1, or email us.  We want you to be successful with your mailing projects.

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