USPS Payment Receipts

Unfortunately, we don't get a typical receipt from the USPS when we give them mail (this is not to be confused with an electronic return receipt for certified mail, which can be added to the certified letters you send through us).

If you need to prove that you mailed something, we often find that the tracking information available at (and on our website) if sufficient for 1. proof of mailing (since tracking information is available to anyone with the tracking number), 2. proof of delivery (in the event that the USPS actually delivers the letter) 3. proof of certified mail (since both our website and specify the letter was mailed via certified mail).

If you are needing a picture or an idea of the exact dollar amount of postage that we place on each letter, well we don't put traditional postage on our letters either. Instead we use a postage permit, sometimes called an indicia. No postage amount is visible using this method.

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